Setting Up an Elinchrom-based Studio (plus general questions)

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Re: Setting Up an Elinchrom-based Studio (plus general questions)

Jack A. Zucker wrote:

Really? With my 53" octobox with internal and front diffuser driven by my BXRI-500 i'm getting 5.6 at about 6'.

The front face of my 40"x40" softbox is 1600 square inches in area. The front face of your 53" softbox is 2809 square inches in area. That is about 1.75 times as big.

The square root of the ratio of areas (1.75) will tell you that you would be lighting your subject with about 1.3 stops less light. Getting a value of f/5.6 isn't too surprising given that the calculation is only an approximation and the fact that different softboxes, which undoubtedly have different efficiencies, are being used.

Perhaps I am wrong about the minimum power of the BXRi-500. The spec I read said, "Flash Variability 5 f/stops: 31 - 500 Ws ".

Are the specs wrong? How do you get 16Ws?

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