high res antiglare or retina for editing

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Re: high res antiglare or retina for editing

Jen Yates wrote:

probert500 wrote:

One thing to take into consideration is that very few people have retina displays so what you see will not have too much relation to the outside world.

I'm not sure how you're connecting the two things. It's perfectly possible to edit a photo on a retina display and then view the photo on a non retina display... or even a print out... book... poster etc

Well yes - if you view it on an average lcd then the potential issue is solved.

I would also question how accurate judging for sharpness is on such a fine pitch screen. I rely on some pixel visibility to gauge things.

It's easier to judge sharpness on a high resolution medium, which is why it usual for sharpness issues to be more obvious in high DPI prints than on a computer display.

And don't forget that most (All?) photo editing tools will have a zoom tool.

The duece you say. It was a thought. I use an artisan crt for print work in my studio - but for web work and for sharpening etc - I use an NEC with spectraview. The issues of the crt in the general world may not be shared by the retina display (ie - no one else will see what you see) - I think it's worth a consideration though, particularly for web work.

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