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Re: a57 18-55mm kit lens tips

I'm just a newbie, but I think the SAL1855 is one the better-reviewed kit lens out there. It is sharp wide open at any focal range and the a57 applies in-camera corrections for distortion and CA, giving the lens additional value for the price. It is also very light and portable.

Nonetheless, it is a kit lens and it is intended for those who those of us who are just starting out in photography. After a month of use, these are the limitations that compelled me to upgrade to better lenses:

1. Low light shooting. I don't a have a flash, so I'm forced to slow down my shutter speed and bump up the ISO to get usable shots indoors. I've produced too many blurred/soft soft because my hands aren't very steady. The klit is still very useful for long exposures with a tripod though.

2. Zoom creep. I'm not sure if it applies to all copies, but mine creeps from 55mm to around 28 within 15 minutes. not very conducive for timelapses.

3. Bokeh is meh. Subject isolation is very limited.

Despite the limitations, I'm keeping this lens for its portability and for long exposures.

Here's my first "good" with the kit lens by the way:

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