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Re: FZ200 looks great to me

mpgxsvcd wrote:

Why would anyone compare the FZ200 to a DSLR? The DSLR will shoot equal or better pictures in every situation with the right user. However, it will cost about 10 times as much and weigh 10 times as much with the equivalent lenses.

You've answered your own question. If sometimes the DSLR shoots only equal quality pictures, yet costs and weighs so much more, I want to know what those circumstances are.

If the DSLR shoots only marginally better images in certain other circumstance, the extra weight and cost may not be worth the small improvement in image quality. I also want to know what those circumstances are.

In order to find out what these circumstances are, someone has to do the comparisons. One can't just assume a situation to be true. I may appear to be stating the obvious, but all DSLRs are totally useless for taking pictures, unless they have a lens attached, like the FZ200 has.

To compare the FZ200 with a DSLR is therefore rather meaningless unless one specifies which lens is attached to the DSLR.

It's understood that a DSLR when used with the best lenses available will always produce better quality images than the FZ200, except in inusual circumstances, such as when hanging from a rope with one hand whilst climbing a cliff face. It would be awkward to take a shot with a Canon 5D3 with 600/F4 lens attached in such circumstances.

However, the choice for people like me, and I'm sure I'm not unique in this respect, is not between an FZ200 with its 600mm/F2.8 lens, and a Canon 5D3 with 600/F4 prime lens, or even a 50D with 400/2.8 prime lens, but a 50D with 100-400/F5.6 zoom.

Others who may already own a DSLR with 28-300mm zoom, for example, may have an eye on a 100-400 zoom. An FZ200 might be an attractive alternative, but not necessarily a replacement for their DSLR with 28-300 zoom.

If the quality of the FZ200 at 600mm is as good as, or even close to, the quality from the 100-400 at 400mm, at the same fast shutter speed required for wildlife of course, I may prefer to leave my Canon 2.2kg 100-400 zoom with 50D body at home when I go travelling. That 2.2kg is not excessive for me by itself, but when combined with the weight of a D800E with a couple of wider angle Nikkor zooms, it becomes a bit excessive.

An FZ200 will make my load 1.6kg lighter, and will also provide me with a macro lens which I don't currently have for my Nikon camera. I believe macro capability is one of the great strengths of the P&S format, not only because one can often get as close as 1cm to the target but because the greater DoF of the P&S is a significant advantage in those circumstances.

Is that clear?

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