RX100 - ND4 or ND8 ?

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Re: NDX400

Thanks, that makes sense.
I was thinking that ND8 could be OK if I use f11.
But your comments about diffraction limit at f5.6 surprised me a little bit.
BTW, where did you find the information about the diffraction limit of RX100 ?

millsart wrote:

Totally depends on what you shoot, but my most used ND is my NDx400, a 9 stop ND

I had a B+W 110, which is a 10 stop but always had color cast issues with it, Hoya works a bit better IMHO

A 9 stop might sound like a lot if you don't enjoy doing really long exposures (which I do) but the RX100 is diffraction limited by f5.6 so you really don't want to be shooting it around f8 or f11 if you can help it, and unless you just want to shoot wide open in bright sun, a 3 stop ND just isn't going to give you long enough exposures for things like waterfalls etc unless you stop way down.

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