just got 7d, I am really frustrated right now.

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Re: Am I irrational??

Dont care to argue, but people like you dont read too well. It was tongue in cheek. Of course its not advanced- but dont tell that to some other forum goers, or they will chew your head off. But does it work well? That's the question, my dear watson.

So I shouldnt share my 8 month 7d disaster story? Trust me, no one wanted that camera to work more than me, its such a freaking awesome body. But no camera is worth the trouble if it isnt acting right.

Instead of fixing problems, we should all be shooting. LikeI will be doing for the next week, without my advanced 7d. Argh.

Alastair Norcross wrote:


After 8 months of trying to have my 7d work, im chucking it.

Its seriously not worth the trouble. Even with a replaced sensor (mosquito noise), the AF is still atrocious. Live view? Great...but its not supposed to be a point and shoot

1d-5d3- AF works

7- might work, very advanced knowledge needed to use center point one shot focus

rebels- AF works

this is the state of canon cameras. Since there is no other body quite like a 7d, or in its price range, im pretty screwed on a semi pro body at the moment.

For fashion night out tomorrow, and fashion week, ill be sporting my utterly reliable t2i & xsi. Because the damn Af works.


This is nonsense, and everyone here but you knows it. From your endless postings, it's obvious that you got a bad copy. Your problems could have occurred with any camera. As I said in another thread, you are making the most elementary mistake in statistical reasoning. You are generalizing from a sample of one. If you think that no-one has ever had a Rebel, a 1D, or a 5D, where the AF doesn't work, you're an idiot. If you consider the knowledge needed to use center point one-shot focus on the 7D is "very advanced", I am amazed that you can figure out how to turn on your computer.

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