Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

Started Sep 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
photomeme Regular Member • Posts: 225
Re: Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

any chance of posting a full sized low compression jpg someplace?

i use a lot of custom software, and might not be the best person to ask for a solution for you. Lanczos algorithm rescaling although not the best should be easy to find for your platform and have little artifacting.

i'm not sure i've seen any precedent for leica releasing two close substitute products near in time, as the MM and a bayer higher pixel CMOS might be considered.

David28 wrote:

Good point about the artifact. How can I test that? That is to try to reproduce it and then not do so with two different efforts. That is a question, by the way.

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