Why so many Q B&W, Cross Processed, etc.

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Re: Why so many Q B&W, Cross Processed, etc.

The three pics I posted are B&W(with boosted contrast), Vibrant, and Natural. I took the camera to the season opener Cal game saturday, and was really impressed with the tone and detail of the pictures I got there.

The 'Natural' image of the three I posted is very good. Lots of detail in the shadow area, and in fact.. really pretty natural. The in-camera JPEGS are great - something Pentax has improved on over the last few years.

I think you see (and I shoot) so many tweaked images because it is so easy to assign your favorite tuning to the user dial on the front of the camera. So, your favorite B&W or other effect is instantly available. You don't have to dive through layers and layers of on screen menus. So.. its easy and fun and quick to get to them.. they get used a lot.

I'm really liking the camera... though I think an even better compromise would be to keep all the functionality and magnesium body, and hot shoe, etc... but maybe... just maybe go with a fixed fast wide zoom lens.

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