AdoramaPix Offers Full-Frame Prints

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Re: AdoramaPix Offers Full-Frame Prints

The only way to avoid cropping is to order prints that are the same ratio as the sensor on your camera. If you're using a DSLR, that means ordering prints the sizes I mentioned in my earlier reply.

If you're using a compact, it's most likely 3:4 so that means 6x8, 9x12 or some other size where the length is 1.333x the height.

larrytusaz wrote:

Again, I accidentally posted this as a new thread when I was trying to reply to another thread (AdoramaPix vs MPix).

But to answer your question: not that I'm "all that" you understand, but I am like Henri Cartier-Bresson, in that he disdained cropping so much he instructed the labs to print the edges of his negatives so he could verify nothing was cropped. I am the same way. To me, I shouldn't have to account for labs butchering my composition on account of cropping and thus alter how I frame my subject. I should be able to frame my subject and have the print render it how I framed it originally, or at least how it shows as the final image on the PC. The print should fit my composition, not the other way around (my composition fit the print dimensions).

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