Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

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Re: Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

I can see the angst and dilemma of a prospective purchaser through your recent posts. Afraid to tell you, that there is no ways to get your answers without parting with hard earned cash.

If you require a unit that ticks all the boxes just because It is priced in the stratosphere, I think out are going to be disappointed. Even the much mooted M10 won't be abe to do that as technology and other OEMs keep moving forward at the speed of light. Leica is a slow and late adopter of technology. That has been evident for only since forever. Don't expect that to change anytime soon.

Good luck with your decision.

Trust me, you will enjoy it if you pick it up and you will also justify it if you don't. That is what we all do as people, ain't it? And that too is ok.


photomeme wrote:

the pattern in the noise at both 4000 and 10,000 is beyond unacceptable and at variance with everything else i've seen. are you sure it's from the image and not your software's handling of it? did you expose to the left and do some extreme shadow boost? you can't generally get high ISO and wide dynamic range out of a digital image.

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