Olympus 75mm - v's others

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Re: Olympus 75mm - v's others

I have the 75mm and love it. I also own: 14mm, 20mm, 25mm Voigtlander, and the 45mm (also a couple of zooms, but I hardly use them).

I'd say it's more than just marginally better than the 45mm- it's crazy sharp, practically no vignette, and construction-wise it's built amazingly well. I do love my 45mm as well though.

From my understanding it's a "HG" lens, not a "SHG" lens. Sorry I don't have any SHG lenses to compare it to though.

Compared to the 25mm Voigtlander? Well, they're hard to compare, they're so different, they're pretty much almost tied for my favorite lens I own. The 25mm I would say has way more character to the images, and narrowly beats out the 75mm. However- I'd never use them for similar shooting conditions, they are pretty different in usage for me.

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