any d300 users also have a d5100?

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Re: any d300 users also have a d5100?

I have both cameras. If you want to convert the D5100 to IR, I'd worry more about the lens and body compatibility in regards to AF performance. Usually, an IR converting company will tell you that they want a lens along with your camera to perform the conversion so the AF will work perfectly with that particular lens after fine adjustment. Your AF might or might not work perfectly with any other lens you put on the camera body after conversion has been done. Also, many lenses are known to cause hot spots (blown out portions of the image) and can't be used effectively for IR.

That being said, I love the IQ I get from the D5100. I find the IQ better than what I get out of my D300 with same lens which says a lot. For everything other than IQ alone, I prefer the D300. For build quality and the solid feel in hand, there is no comparison.

Kerry Pierce wrote:

If you have a d5100, I'd be interested in your thoughts. I don't expect it to compare with the d300, but I do need to have fairly decent AF. It has the CAM 1000, 11pt AF module, with which I'm not familiar. I'll have the camera converted to full time IR, so I don't need d300 level AF, I just need it to work pretty well in daylight.


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