RX100 JPEG Image Quality >>>> Most DSLR's??

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Re: RX100 JPEG Image Quality >>>> Most DSLR's??

I don't think that DPR's overall rating can be compared across different camera categories, i.e. P&S vs. DSLR, etc. Having said that, the lens is very good overall with the excellent T* coatings. My particular sample does exhibit some softening at the corners at the wide and telephoto ends. I consider this normal and am fine with it since it is evenly distributed, i.e. no de-centering. Cheers. -Norm

kcamacho11 wrote:

I am looking to purchase the RX100 has my 2nd camera or "pocket camera" to take with me on trips.

I noticed that in DPreview's review of the RX100, when you go to the CONCLUSION category and look at the ratings meter, it has the RX100 jpeg's image quality superior to most APS-C DSLR's, and even it's High ISO performance rates better than some DSLR's.

How is this possible given that this camera has a much smaller sensor?

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