7-14, 9-18 or 12-35 for my next trip?

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Re: Getting both 12-35 and 7-14, too much?

IMHO having both the 7-14 & 9-18 does not make sense. Remember when using an ultra wide lens you have to use slim filters or run the risk of the lens seeing the filter OR you may get darkened corners.

I would not make using a filter a deciding factor. Filters are only used to, protect the lens, but the 7-14 has a permanent lens hood so I am not worried. Filters are used to color correct or change color temperature. Using a filter reduces light and f-stops so you already have a "slow" lens and to loose more stops on a lens that you would need bright light, a flash bracket or studio lighting to make up light loss is not worth it for a wide angle lens.

Decide on one and I had the choice of either when I switched. I also believe its better to keep lenses the same manufacture as the body when possible so get the Olympus. Just from many years of Nikon and not having funds using 3rd party stuff and seeing the difference in the OEM glass for the better and in tandem with the same brand body.

I sold all my Nikon gear, D90, 12-24, 16-85, 70-300, 50 1.8 and switched to MFT's. I go the GF-1, 7-14, 14-45 and so on to duplicate my DSLR set up in a smaller form. The 16-85 was my main lens and its equal to 24-120 which is a fantastic landscape to portrait travel lens. As soon the do a 12-60 that would be a nice MFT's lens.

digitalphotographer wrote:

Hi ryan2007, you said "If I was traveling like you and depending I would do what I could with zooms. In lieu of the 12-35, the 7-14 is an fantastic lens for interiors or large buildings so you can get it at the same time. The 9-18 is not a constant aperture like the 7-14, but you can add filters if needed."

I'd considered getting both of them at one point, but cost is a big concern, have to have some money left for food on my trip

Joking aside, would having these two lenses create too much an overlap in focal lengths? Or this can be justified by the different nature of these two lenses?

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