D4 vs 1Dx (Imaging Resource), RAW, ACR, 6400-12800

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Mikael Risedal
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Re: Evidence? Here are the RAWs+ACR

focus plane are a issue
I took 3200iso raw and compared them, do the same and look at the fabrics in red
yes 1dx looks pre cooked compare to 1dmk3

Now I have looked at 1dx and D4 and 3200iso resolution in and in different planes in the image, 1dx shows more details=higher
resolution than D4 and the same DR as D4
D4 to the left upsized to 1dx size , and 1dx to the right

details in RGB 3200iso

rhlpetrus wrote:

Mikael Risedal wrote:

1dx raw files are pre cooked and you can se that in the red fabric texture compared tp 5dmk3 raw files.

Do you have evidence of that? Here is the red fabric, D4, 1DX and 5D3, 6400 ISO, thru ACR. Only see more detail from 5D3 due to higher res. And a litlle more detail 1DX over D4, but one should be careful with detail analysis, focus can also be an issue in these "tests".

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