Canon Lens for Boxing....

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Re: Canon Lens for Boxing....

Hi Tony ... I have used both a 70-200 2.8 and a 24-70 2.8 for MMA. You will want the wide when they are close, granted they won't be on the canvas, well, maybe briefly if they get knocked down and they could be right in front of you and will be annoyed at yourself if you have only your 70-200.... 2 bodies would really help to catch all the action near and across the ring. I found the 24-70 was not wide enough when the guys were on top of me and was wishing for my 11-16. Between rounds I would wander over to the corner and with the wide you can really get some cool shots. Check on access though before the fight, they may not want you to move too much. The wide is also great for when they walk in and pass close by, something the 70-200 would not be good at. If you have never done a fight, it is a great shoot and the intensity is fun to capture. Take a small towel in case you get splattered with sweat or blood... enjoy!

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