D4 vs 1Dx (Imaging Resource), RAW, ACR, 6400-12800

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Re: D4 vs 1Dx (Imaging Resource), RAW, ACR, 6400-12800

jjnik wrote:

Thanks - I was confusing what scene luminance meant versus image brightness. That said, in many real worild situations, you have no control over scene luminance (how the scene is 'lit", be it naturally or aritificially).

So my question is around this: Suppose I set the same shutter speed and f-stop (and assuming the same t-stop as well) and the same ISO on two cameras, but the resultant images from camera A are brighter than camera B.

And then you move the 'exposure' brightness slider in your raw converter to have the image brightness you want and completely ignore what was the default brightness created by the raw converter. Changing the ISO setting in a camera is as a first order the same as adjusting brightness in post.

But, in general, does this not mean that one of these cameras is defining ISO in a different way meaning that I can't really compare the two cameras for noise performance at a given ISO setting as many people and review sites do since the ISO's are not really apples-to-apples?

Exactly, one should do as you said: same scene brightness, same shutter speed, same t-stop (maybe via using the same third-party lens) and then adjust the brightness in post before comparing the images visually. Because that is what one would do in reality, set f-stop and shutter speed to ones limits and then push the brightness to what one needs in post (within reason mostly).

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