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Gaëtan Lehmann Regular Member • Posts: 125
faster shutter speed and smaller aperture

You should just use a smaller aperture - that will give you less problem with focusing and help you to kill the ambient light. Also 1/30 is a very slow shutter speed to work with flash. Using a faster shutter speed would also help to kill the ambiant light.

When working with studio settings, I usually set the shutter speed as fast as my flash can sync, and the f stop f/5.6 or greater values.

Killing the ambiant light helps to control the lighting, but also to avoid the motion blur (both camera and subject). Closing the diaphragm usually helps to get the best of your lens so this is quite positive too. Large apertures are less useful in studio configuration, because we can usually control the background so we don't have to blur it. Killing the ambient light makes the exposure easier to get right - only the flash power needs to be adjusted.

But of course you may also want to get some of the ambiant light in your shot, maybe to see the background

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