7-14, 9-18 or 12-35 for my next trip?

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Re: 7-14, 9-18 or 12-35 for my next trip?

I do not have any of the lenses you speak about except the Oly 9-18. It is a great lens, about half of size and weight of the Panasonic, plus it takes filters, less expensive also. The 9-18 is also a little slow, and when you get into night shots, or even deep shadows, you may find it lacking, because 9 can be a little wide, and if I recall, the f5.6 max aperture is reached fairly quickly in the zoom range. For the absolute best quality, we all read that the 7-14 is the ultimate wide angle zoom and rivals primes. It is f4 though through its range.

Personal opinion, of course, but I have been in all of those cities, and I guess I would say with the EM5, you might be best off with the 12-35 as the most flexible lens. I have always found that 12 is just wide enough. So to me, the 12-35 makes more sense than the 12 mm f2 because you have an EM5 which is good at high ISO. F2.8 is "just" one stop, and you could probably take care of that with the EM5 high ISO performance.

But it also comes down to money and size...that 12-35 is expensive, and the largest lens of the lot.

digitalphotographer wrote:

Hi all, first post in the m43 forum here after getting my E-M5 with 25, 45 and 100-300 lenses.

In a couple of weeks I will have a business trip to Taipei, HK, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, so I plan on shooting street scenes every chance I get. But choosing a "correct" lens has been challenging as there are pros and cons for each, so need some help here identifying a good companion.

If "fun" was my requirement, I assume the 7-14 since it has wild perspectives, perfect for those compact cities?

If "versatility" is key, then maybe 9-18mm covers better from wide to "normal"? But do I really whole bunch of "versatile" but not "dramatic" photos?

How should I look at the 12-35mm? Essential? I've never had a 24-70mm even when shooting FF, so I've no concept of why everyone I know (especially wedding photographers) recommends this zoom range as the "requirement".

Or should I just forget about the whole thing and get the Oly 12mm instead?

ps. how likely do you guys think the 7-14 will be "revised" to a weather-sealed OIS version?

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