Canon 1Ds mkIII and the Dolomites in June 2012

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Re: Try D800

Hans Kruse wrote:

Dimitris Mitrovgenis wrote:

thanks a lot for the explanation.Makes sense.

so you bracket till you find the optimum ETTR(till no clipping?)?And you post process that one?

Yes, till no clipping of essential highlights in Lightroom 4.1 PV2012. In some images I will accept clipping. A sun is an obvious example It could also be strong rays from the sun outside the circle of the sun. The bracketing makes this approach safe since I can always choose a one stop lower exposure, if I find later on that I would prefer a different look. I don't delete the brackets for pictures I value. For normal bracketing I do 3 or sometimes 2 in a series. For MLU I click through the series manually. I find that with the 1Ds mkIII even 1/30s is not quite safe if I use continous shooting. 1/60s is the lower level for that.

Hans I have read that if you lower the contrast and saturation in picture styles you get more accurate histogram. Have you tried that? Can you share your thoughts about that?

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