What has happened to Carl Rytterfalk? Locked

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Re: What has happened to Carl Rytterfalk?

Erik Magnuson wrote:

It's so vague that it's almost certainly true: how many people have you ever heard of who are truly one-dimensional? Now consider that several of these commenters have personally met Carl and/or corresponded with him for years and it becomes more than a simple vague assumption. So beware of glorifying assumptions that are primarily your own.

OMG ... yes for sure, this proves what exactly? We'd first of all need to know who those ominous people that conversed with him and on what authority they can attest of talent ... I don't really think a bunch of hobbysit photographers actually can comment on such things ... we'll see what happens, this is just 'empty talk' (or bar talk) ... I think that's best, no? ... ; )

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