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Re: The problem with Windows 8 is Arrogance

Archer66 wrote:

rm2 wrote:

For the things that 99% of users need, Linux has excellent applications available.

And yet 99% of users do not use Linux.

And that is a sad thing. Most users would be better off running Linux. Every time a friend of mine brings me a virus infested Windows machine, I tell them to try Linux for a while. Only one young girl asked for Windows to be put back. She wanted itunes, nothing else. Everyone else have done well in Linux. None of them are computer savvy. None of them have had any more problems with viruses. They never call me with problems of any kind. Linux just keeps working fine for them. Some of them have now been using Linux for over 3 years!

But, unfortunately for most people, there are not enough friends like me around.

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