Simultaneous 50p and 60p recording for international broadcasts?

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Re: Simultaneous 50p and 60p recording for international broadcasts?

hjulenissen wrote:

It would really make sense if tv networks all over the world started supporting at least the framerates mandated by "HD-ready" standards: 24, 25, 30, 50 and 60 frames or fields per second (multiply by 1001/1000 where it makes sense). Then content could be generated in whatever format is convenient, and playback equipment could present it as good as possible. With "PC-based" sources becoming more and more important, I am guessing that 30/60 fps will be a global standard sooner or later.

I agree. All TVs handle all those frame rates already, the production tools also so it's 'just' the distribution standards that are old fashion.

I agree on the second statement too ... even though I live in Europe i tend to use 30p and 60p some times to get smoother playback on the PC (and projector connected to the PC). I guess that there are playback software that can play back 25p and 50p smoothly but I've not looked into it.

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