1DX AF @ F8 possible!

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Re: Nothing new. Move along.

If you use the tape trick on a 1.4 x TC, you will fool the lens into passing the lens parameters without TC to the camera - thus the camera will not disable AF. In sufficient light you will have AF but with limitations - it will iterate for focus and it will be less accurate. When this trick works it does so because each iteration in the AF process bring focus closer to correct focus albeit it will overshoot.

If you use the tape trick on a 2x TC each iteration of the AF process will overshoot so much that the lens will move focus further away from target focus. However you can make the tape trick work... use conductive tape rather than isolation tape. This will make the lens report the parameters for lens + 1.4 TC in stead of 2x TC and the trick works if you use it on a f4 lens. If you use it on anything slower than an f4 lens it will not work. Since the trick involves conductive tape I probably should add the following disclaimer: If you do this your self you are totally on your own - I will take absolutely no responsibility for any damage you may do to your gear.

Johanfoto wrote:

I just tried the trick of taping the pins of the 2x Extender, but the combination 500mm f/4 and this extender does not focus with the 1DX. The camera tries alright, but in almost all cases it fails to find focus, or it 'finds' the wrong focus and then stops trying.

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