Rare 28mm f/1.4D sighting ;)

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Re: Rare 28mm f/1.4D sighting ;)

RBFresno wrote:

...... "the 1.4/28 creating a rather lifeless and flat image.... "


Well, to be blunt, those are fine examples of exactly what I'm talking about. I don't much blame your technique, I just find them extremely characterless and flat (I do believe those are at high ISO's as well, right, which o/c makes matters worse, but still). Sure it's highly subjective so if you don't agree, disregard it.

I have a hard time believing the old lens has more character though, that is classic romanticizing over old glass; as it can't live up to the technical specs people tend to hold on to less measurable traits, like character.

The 1.4/28 specifically has always puzzled me, and it strikes me as a lens design with a clinical look in mind. Even the 1.4/35 Ai(s)has more "character" but mostly due to its short-commings.

Also, I've seen those photos many times here in dpr (they did in part help me form my opinion), I assume you have others if you care for the lens that much. I would really love to see more, as the lens is rare and I truly have seen relatively few photos from it (here or otherwise). I would happily be proved wrong as I've been searching for the photo that would give me an excuse for lusting over it (the need for GAS).

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