nx100 beginning to fail

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Re: nx100 beginning to fail

My top wheel started to fail after very little use. It seems to be a mechanical problem in design or construction and I have never read of anyone having problems after the repair. My NX100 has turned out to be a very reliable little camera so you have to give marks to Samsung that they do seem to do a permanent fix (touch wood of course)!

I had taken out a 3 year warranty as I thought the camera could be problematical when I bought it but it was good value even with extra warranty cost.

Good luck with your repair.

frank-in-toronto wrote:

well, i guess i lucked out! i still have 2 weeks on the warranty. spoke with samsung support and going thru the process of repair.

one last question: does using it make the top wheel fail sooner? i doubt if i went overboard anyway, just curious.

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