Please Sigma: focus on what is increasing your sales!

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Re: Please Sigma: focus on what is increasing your sales!

sniper5 wrote:

Dear Sigma,

please focus on what brings you fast more sales. This will be NOT a new model or new features. Just read what Sigma users complain about.

In 99% of the cases, it has to do with the image editing of the RAW files. So PLEASE do not try to reinvent the wheel. Just work more closely with Adobe!

As soon as LR4 is able to handle the Sigma files better, you will sell immediately more cameras. And this without investing huge $$

Post processing is the last thing on my mind when choosing a camera. If the DP1M had an EVF and better high ISO performance, I would be more likely to buy one than a Fujifilm X100.

I have a DP1 and SD14 and have only ever used SPP, shooting raw and batch processing in auto mode as the results from SPP are better than in camera JPEG.

Sometimes when one person has a really strong opinion on something, it makes so much sense to them that they believe everybody else has the same opinion, a bit like a politician.

My photography is pretty much done when I've pressed the shutter, not after I've tweaked the hell out of the image.

A well taken picture matters most, gear that's capable of great image quality is nice to have, but it amounts to nothing if you haven't got it with you.

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