D300 and built-in flash

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Re: D300 and built-in flash

I almost always use a flash outdoors for fill, but I am disappointed that the built-in flash is constrained. I don't mind it taking a few seconds to recycle, but I would like to take photos during the wait.


TeamTQ wrote:

Just my 2¢ - While many people take negative view of the pop up flash I think it can be useful for the right circumstances. I always assumed Nkon reduceced the rate at which pop-up fires in order to preven it from self destruction. It is a great little tool for fill flash or a real pinch. I am sort of an available light contrarian and a heavy flash user especially with d300. I use a quantum when shooting all day indoors because I melted a few speedlights, although I do own or more of the sb400, 600, 800, 900 and lots of AA rechargables. However, Nikon speedlights are about the best on the market for TTL... This something where Canon does not compare or come close

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