CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: CP4500 RAW - Nikon's Reaction

Larry Berman wrote:

The word from Mike Rubin, the CoolPix product manager:

Anyone doing this will be voiding the warranty of the camera. Also,
it may be considered reverse engineering and may result in
violations of the software agreements.

Larry Berman

Reverse Engineering by itself is not illegal, its been proven in court a few times ( at least in the USA ) Fair use laws apply, its permissable to discover the protocols for such devices and make products, and even make a competing product, so as long as it doesnt infringe. Especially if its not
for profit.

Sega vs Accolade
Atari vs Nintendo

Its an empty threat, and one thats typical, all they can do is take away warranty privs.

The only way they could claim problems, is DMCA which does't cover it.

Plus the guys in russia, so its pointless anyway, its only the US that has restrictive laws ( but you can still do it )

Its not covered by the shrink wrap licencse, since (A) there isnt one on the camera, and (B) you can download the firmware without ever actually having the camera then proceed to disassemble it.

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