Nikon Or Canon - No not exactly one of those generalization questions!

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Re: Nikon Or Canon - No not exactly one of those generalization questions!

A workshop may not be necessary, though it can always help you and give you some one-on-one mentoring that can help a lot.

I suggest you buy these 2 books, read them cover to cover, and practice a lot, practice everyday. You are in for plenty of disappointments, some empowering moments of success, and a lot of hard work and also thinking about your photos. The books are:

"The Basic Book of Photography" by Tom Grimm and Michele Grimm. It's a mostly film-based college photography textbook with examples illustrated on the Nikon system (but can be translated to any other system of course). It contains a lot of theory, some mathematics, and and pictures that illustrate and example. It's a very helpful, practical, no-gimmick text.

The second book is Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson, also a film-based, Nikon-oriented book, however the latest edition is expanded nicely for digital. It contains a lot of practical advice and repeatable best practices that will get you nice results.

These books, together with hard work and determination will get you on the right track. The beauty of digital is that you can see your mistakes almost instantly provided your camera's LCD is clearly seen and accurate. Don't rely on the LCD though, learn the technique and only augment it with the LCD when needed, don't use it as a crutch.

Most important of all however is the study of light and light alone. See it with your eyes - camera aside, predict it, work with it. A good way to start there is to learn the Sunny 16 rule and use it and it alone for a few weeks. Do this with the intention of NOT postprocessing your photos. Get them right or close to right in-camera. You will get better results if you use your camera's "Neutral" or other low-contrast settings.

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