K5 slow RAW write

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Re: K5 slow RAW write

Interesting. I just tried an older (20Mb/sec not 30Mb/sec) Sandisk card and it's much faster - the 24-shot buffer is all written in 16 sec. Went back to the original 'fast' 8Mb card and it's now taking a minute. That despite the fact that I completely zeroed the 8Mb card using my computer. So I think that card might be about to die and I'll get a new one.

torrent999 wrote:

LDBOK wrote:

The 30mbs of the Ultra cards is the read speed, the write speed is much slower.

Indeed. It could also be the internal wear leveling kicking in perhaps?

Or perhaps the contacts on the card are getting a bit mucky so less write current is able to be used & hence slowing the card writes? A wipe with some meths/alcohol to clean them up?

Failing that try a new card (not necessarily a full size replacement, just a small one to test).

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