Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

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Its on the wall to the left .... a pattern like mesh (that is a poor description) especialy with the ISO10000 image.

Like I said, just cos it's there doesn't mean you need to use it. But when you need to get that image, it could come in handy.

There is nothing to like about the tonal transitions on the DNG straight out of camera. It is a rather bland and flat grey tone for the most parts. What I feel is special is the latitude it provides to stretch that tona range especially the detail that can be found in the shadow. Danger is overdoing it and producing a image devoid of any true black or white. But I also believe with some practice, that can be avoided - that is my experience anyway over the past days. My views and results are certainly changing.

And yes, this is a hard one to get past ANY spouse. What do you mean we are not getting that new lounge suite and fridge, honey? What camera? The NEX7 is no slouch either that is for sure and in many ways, a great deal more convenient without too much compromise on IQ.

Michael Everett wrote:

I don't see the banding in the high ISO images. Am I just not seeing things? I do find that ISO 10000 may be pushing things a bit much, although ISO 4000 looks very good. Overall I am quite impressed with the tonal graduations of the camera. Since my budget or more precisely my wife won't allow spending the thousands for a Leica MM and the requisite lenses, I guess I'll have to try to imitate what you achieve with my NEX 7. At least this gives me models to emulate.


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