Warning to you people not posting under an alias

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Re: Warning to you people not posting under an alias

The benefit of real name on a forum is establishing a feel of trust. Using a real name is a benefit for forum imago.

That said; Internet is borderless and what you type will exist longer than you (unless internet stops to exist)

One of the most obvious reasons to dimm the here I'm and I live in South Dakota (or wherever) on a photo forum is obvious, thieves read. But testistest also brings up another important point; The rules and limits we had in mind when writing on a forum may not apply for future situations or other countries.

To illustrate my point I can type "My friend has bought a bag of weed(canabis) yesterday. Would you like to have some too?"

That same phrase could give trouble in 10 years time, or now in other countries in the world.

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