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Jim Lawson wrote:

Has anyone sent their 24mmPC lens back to Nikon to have it converted so when shooting a horizontal landscape that the shift will be up and down when the tilt is for and aft. Out of the box it is just the opposite. And is there an issue with the camera flash housing? thanks for any input.
Jim Lawson

Hi Jim

I have the PC-E 24 and I did the conversion myself. It's simple to do and just requires that you undo 4 screws and rotate the back of the lens 90 degrees then put the screws back in. The existing ribbon style electical cable is just long enough to reach after the lens has been rotated the 90 degrees. The existing screws have been assembled using locktite so are a bit tough to budge at first. There used to be an excellent how-to video online that someone had posted but I couldn't find it again just now.

On the D3/D4 bodies there are no issues to rotate or shift the lens in any direction. On the D700/D800 bodies, the only issue is that when shifted up, the shift knob bumps into the underside of the flash housing overhang. Not realy an issue since you can rotate the lens 180 degrees to put the smaller shift-locking knob on top instead and achieve the identical shift condition.
There is a good video that shows all the movements on a D800.
Michael Sherman

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