More FZ200 Testing

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Re: If I got a series of "test shots" like that too...

John Miles wrote:

Lenses. You need good lenses to beat an FZ's IQ. Often kit lenses don't cut it.

Thanks for the detailed response, John. But really all I need to know is the FZ-200's image quality at ISO 100, 600mm and F4 compared with the Canon 100-400 at 400mm, ISO 800 and F11, using a camera like the 50D. I can work out the other issues. If I need more DR and less noise, I'll use auto-exposure bracketing for merging to HDR, or image stacking. If the scene is not suitable for such processes due to slight subject movement, waves in the sea, leaves swaying in the breeze, swiftly moving clouds, I'll use my DSLR.

If I need a larger file size for 24"x30"prints, I'll stitch images. If that's not possible due to too much subject movement, I'll use my D800E. I'm not expecting a camera that suits all purposes.

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