Interesting post: OMD 95% vs M9 5%

Started Aug 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Thomas Streng Senior Member • Posts: 2,740
Re: Interesting post: OMD 95% vs M9 5%

On my last 2 week vacation I used the OMD maybe 80% and Leica 20%.

When I look at the images at home I do see differences in IQ. Yes-the subject is what counts but IQ doesnt hurt.

For some reason I use much more wide angle and shorter focal length with the M9, which lets me get closer to the people. The images look more spontanoues and less composed.

Of course this is not about the camera, but about how the photographer use the camera-or how good the camera works for the photographer.

Overall I find both complement pretty good.
OMD for Macro, Tele, AF and for rough conditions.
M9 for the rest.

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