Decreasing exposure in Premiere/After Effects?

Started Sep 2, 2012 | Discussions thread
towelrack22 New Member • Posts: 11
Re: Decreasing exposure in Premiere/After Effects?

Add the fast color corrector in premiere. Scroll down to the bottom of the effect in the effects panel, and you'll see an "iinput" and "output" white and black slider. Drag the white input slider in towards the middle to lower the highlights. You might have to adjust the middle gray slider (mid tones) based on what parts of the image you want to bring down.

It helps if you switch the output video to "yc waveform". The spikes at the top go up to100, which is absolute white. Anything above it will be smushed against the top which are your blown out highlights. Smushed stuff on the bottom is crushed blacks. Adjusting the fast color corrector white input will bring the whites down away from above 100. The gray slider moves the main body of the waveform.

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