Which Nikon DSLR gets the closest to the Fuji S5 colors?

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Re: Which Nikon DSLR gets the closest to the Fuji S5 colors?

Having used an S5, D200, D300, D700 I can tell you they are not the same as the Fuji. Sorry. You will probably need to adjust your post to come close, but you will only come close.

Handling, since the S5 is a D200 body I would look at the D300s. It's the closet you will find.

But the D7000 has better dynamic range and high ISO performance. That and if you have lived with the S5 than the D7000 with be a step up in speed.

Yes the D300s is faster still, yes the AF is faster, ...... But since you are coming from the Fuji you should be fine with D7000 and the DR/ISO will probably more to your liking. But again you'll have to change your post to get close to the output.

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