just got 7d, I am really frustrated right now.

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Re: Am I irrational??

I find this rather sad. The 7D is a fine piece of equipment (as is the lens you have bought) but it is not, as you have found out, a point and shoot. That having been said, once the intricacies of the camera have been mastered it is not difficult to use. I have just returned from a holiday where I took several hundred photos and most are technicallly fine. Like all of us, I suspect, I manage to make mistakes now and again (e.g. forgetting to reset spot metering after needing it) but focus is one thing I rarely have a problem with. The few images I take which are not sharp are invariably my fault e.g. failing to recognise that my focus point is on a plain surface.

When I read a message such as yours I wish I could spend just half an hour or so with you (a) to confirm the camera and lens are OK and (b) to see if there is something I can do to help you achieve the same level of satisfaction as me but, unless you live in south west London, sadly that is not likely to happen.

All I can suggest is that, if you can't find someone to assist, you keep reading and practising. At least, nowadays, there is no financial disincentive to doing this. When I started out in the 60s, film and development costs were a huge problem for me but now I can take as many photos as I want with absolutley no ongoing cost to worry about.


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