Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

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Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

Continuing my personal journey with the new Monochrom (MM), I thought perhaps we could look beyond clipped highlights (that is done to death I am sure we can all agree - yes the sensor is predisposed to clipping the highlights so we learn to expose differently) and see what other features also deserve our attention.

Again, I prefer to let the images do the talking and you can decide for yourselves.

With spring officially now upon us in the Southern Hemisphere, Melbourne copped a few atypical sunny days and that was good enough an excuse to go traipsing around the war memorial near where I work over one lunch hour. It's called the Shrine of Remembrance. The interior is extremely dark and I thought it was a good time to try out some high ISO images with the MM.

ISO 4000

and cropped for pixel peeping

ISO 10000 .... I thought what the heck, might as well give this a shot

and again cropped for your scrutiny

In both images above, I only lifted the shadows a little and pulled back the highlight slider, all the while remembering the sensor's predisposition with the RHS of the histogram. I was really rather surprised at the digital noise (I did not do any noise reduction on purpose). I get worse with my M9P at ISO 2500. Now we have a Leica M camera that can at least get you a useable image when push comes to shove. The noise is almost film like dare I say. Or have I had too many glasses of the red liquid this evening?

Seriously, I would love to hear from you and especially you film shooter that can half tolerate the digital medium. And please, no comparison of digital with film. I think the differences have been clearly articulated and biases permanently etched in blood.

At this point, I wish to acknowledge Olaf Ulrich who has made valuable contributions to my own appreciation of things photographic. More specifically, he dared to suggest that perhaps the output from the MM (with all its known problems and attributes) is best regarded similar to what film negs were back when ...... and that we now have the capabilities to process this file to yield the outcome we desire. And that we bear in mind the tonal range we wish to express during the exposure phase.

A long winded way of saying - there's no new problems introduced by this new offering, she's sweet as !!!! So a personal thank you Olaf.

I believe I am starting to get a feel for achieving some semblance of a fuller tonal range with real blacks rather than a washed out splash of greys. But you should be the better judge of this as I have been looking at these images for too long these past hours. You know how it gets ... everything starts to look good or bad.

Anyway, allow me to post a few more images taken over the last two to three days

Outside the Shrine entrance

I love shooting into the light - from within the memorial. I just noticed this was shot at ISO 6400 - easy enough to forget to change down. Note the city skyline in the background.

I am also learning to see differently, looking for shapes and patterns, lines and contrast, texture if you will instead of being swayed by the colours in the scene

All the images above were taken with the 50 Summilux

The ones following were with the Voigtlander 35/1.2 V2 .... a sweet lens!

I changed the way I processed the file with these ones, trying to achieve a better black

A magpie on the fence

Do pardon me this lengthy post. I sincerely hope you find it of some use and not only would I appreciate your feedback, I am asking for them.

Cheers from downunder. (I have not checked for typos so apologies in advance for any)


Nikon 1 V2
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