G5: Game-Changer for Me

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Re: G5: Game-Changer for Me

Thanks for the comments, folks. The e-shutter will give the so-called "rolling shutter" effect if panned too fast, or if objects are in motion, as I alluded to in my blog article.

In all of the images I captured yesterday, only one looked in any way slightly distorted, the shot of the lady seated at the bus stop bench, and that was because it was a hastily captured grab shot taken while I was still panning the camera. With the G1, I'm pretty certain it would have been blurry instead, because I would have not been shooting at ISO 500 due to image noise, and hence would have had a slower shutter speed.

As I and others indicated, the e-shutter is totally silent, enough so that I can barely hear the momentary whir of the 20mm lens's focusing at the moment of exposure. The 20 is my only m-43 lens that makes any sound at all, but it's so quiet that no one will notice it, even very close to you, indoors. For instance, I took a picture of a friend seated at the cigar store lounge I went to later in the day, after taking the street photos, and he never knew I had done so. Or last night, my grandson was seated next to me on the couch and I was showing him the new G5 camera, and he could not tell that I had taken several pictures of him until I showed him. It's that quiet.

For sports or subjects in motion the e-shutter may not be the ideal mode, but in such cases quietness of operation is rarely of concern. Where it really counts, like in street photography for instance, it's wonderful, and the way that it speeds up the shutter response is dramatic. I've never owned a FF digital camera, but having seen them operate in numerous videos I would not hesitate to state that the response of the G5 in e-shutter mode is at least as fast. It's like the quickest manual rangefinder shutter response. Except it focusses for you, lightning fast, better in my view than a rangefinder. A game changer, as I indicated.


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