Eye-Fi Sd cards and Nikon DSLR

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Re: Eye-Fi Sd cards and Nikon DSLR

wokphoto wrote:

Does anyone know if the new bread of Eye-Fi SD cards work in Nikon DSLR bodies. I would like to use them in D3s and D7000 bodies and send the photos to an iPad by the Wi-Fi . Is this possible ? I am assuming that a Wi-Fi hot spot must be present and it won't work say.... outside of the network reach.
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What misinformation by some who have no knowledge of the OP's subject.

I use eye-if cards daily in my Nikon's and Samsung cameras.

Once you register your card with the Eye-Fi center on a PC, you no longer need a WiFi connection to use the cards. The cards connect to your camera with no need to have a WiFi connection to space, you do not need a WiFi hot spot.

They work with my android tablets, I don't use iPads.

Using the Eye-Fi card with your iPad will change your workflow for the better.

I only transmit jpegs as my raw are used only when I need further PP.

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