Prediction: FF SD on Photokina 2012

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Re: Prediction: FF SD on Photokina 2012

yvind Strm wrote:

These are the scenarios I see for a top model:

1. They cannot make the sensor larger, or more dense, so they improve the top model camera instead. This means a SD1x, an improved SD1, same resolution but with several or all of these features:

  • Video

  • live view

  • less noise

  • better high ISO

  • better fps

  • larger buffer

  • better screen.

You know what? I don't care much for what is coming, as I'm still getting to grips with using the SD1 bodies so much. Sigma Photo Pro is my main workflow barrier but getting there.

However, we already know that the SD1's hardware should be capable of at least two of those things right now:

Live view - mirror lock up, open shutter - the hardware can do it. It's not supported, but the sensor and pipeline is exactly what the DP Merrills use.

Video - it's marginally sub-VGA as the stream capture is only what is used for Live View... but as with the original DP, it's there.

However, what we don't have is the processing power to increase shooting speeds and buffer readout (at up to 70Mb for raw data, this camera is handling a lot for a that core and I suspect migrating to the new Milbeaut architecture would involve a lot of R&D) and my experience with the DP2M suggests that there's more, subtle, noise at low ISO due to the live view. Haven't had a chance for a scientific test of what is at present a 'general' impression. I think running the sensor for live view is detrimental to image quality and video would suffer similarly.

Further Cooling of the SD1 body would undoubtedly hit the exquisite dimensions of it.

Full frame would make me very happy indeed. I can't see any reason for it to be coming this year. It'd need a whole new camera platform and advances in production that would have yielded greater improvements elsewhere, I think; the only hint at that is the significantly reduced costs of the Merrill cameras vs. the original SD1.

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