Eye-Fi SD cards and Nikon DSLR

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Re: Eye-Fi SD cards and Nikon DSLR

djsphynx wrote:

Interesting that it works on the D800. From all accounts that I've read on their forums and on their site, the D800 isn't working real well, the principal issue being that the D800 blocks the signal once the SD/CF door is closed.


I'd be happy if you could share more info on how you use it etc and which version of the card you own.


Like I said, the signal is weak and it only works if the iPad and D800 are very close. What I found is that once it starts transferring images and I pick up the camera and walk out of range and continue shooting, it just halts the transfer. it then picks it back up where it left off once the camera is in range of the iPad again. It's not fast and it transfers all the images, but yes, it does work for me.

Also, I do not have the eyefi card, but rather the Sandisk Eye-Fi 8Gb WIFI:
Sorry, I should have mentioned this before.


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