Would you buy a canon 5d

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Re: Would you buy a canon 5d

mashcky wrote:

I .... I'm mostly worried about such an old camera dying on me a year or two down the road.....

I think once you are done with early failure problems and are left with wear, you should be doing fine.

I recently bought a 2nd hand 5D2 cheap off the bay after having used a Kodak SLR/C bought used a couple of years ago. (I would love to buy a newer camera, but using mainly old manual focus lenses, the improved AF does nothing for me so I ll skip the 5D3.)

The SLR/C never let me down despite its age. Should I decide to, I can sell it now probably for almost the price I initially paid. VERY little loss thus.

The 5D2 looks battered but works fine. Should it break a few years from now, I could still sell it for parts and the loss will not be as large as buying a new 5D2. Also, even if it breaks, the loss after selling for parts will be only slightly higher than with a 5D1.

If the 5D2 doesnt break, the loss in a few years time will be higher than that of a 5D1 bought 2nd hand now, but will still be in the range of like say

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