Pany 100-300mm on E-M5

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Re: Pany 100-300mm on E-M5

Hello Dave,

I think that the Pany is a good lens and that the price is more realistic than the Oly price.

But I had both lenses on my OM-D for half an hour and I compared the IQ examples I found in the web.

I came to the conclusion to wait a bit longer till i have the money for the Oly 75-300.


  • Size: The OIS in Pany is not necessary for OM-d users but makes the lens heavier and bigger

  • IQ of Oly is one or at least 1/2 class better, I saw a test picture with tree leaves against bright sky where the Pana had much more difficulties

  • Oly has 75 mm and is very, very sharp at the short end. I do sometimes macros with my 14-150+Marumi achromat and I would be very happy to use the achromat with the 75-300 Oly lens.

  • The aperture difference seems to be smaller than the numbers indicate (pen and tell states the Oly is 1/3 stop faster than indicated)

I think you already found information about both lenses, for all others here some links I found (use Google translate for the first one):

This review impressed me most, unfortunately there is no corresponding review for the 100-300 on slrgear

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