Olympus OM-D EM-5 SCP driving me to drink

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Re: Olympus OM-D EM-5 SCP driving me to drink

Thank you very much for answering the poster's questions. I had the exact same questions as the poster, and I was about to post similar questions since I thought my camera was malfunctioning, or else I didn't understand the manual.

You're correct that the manual is very insufficient and actually incorrect in how it explains access to the SCP in the different modes and live view. I kept hitting the INFO button in Live View, which of course, did not bring up the SCP.

Now I undersand that I shouldn't expect the SCP while using the SCN mode. Which makes sense, I guess, since the parameters are automatically set, depending on the Scene that is chosen.

But I have an additional question:
Is there any way to get out of live view while in SCN mode??

rrr_hhh wrote:

I'm not sure to understand all what you say, but here are some remarks which coulbe helpful :

1) the only way I know to call the SCP is by hitting the OK button. Only exception is when you are already in the live view mode; if that is the case, then you hit the info button.

2) You can keep both the liveview mode and the SCP active, Personnally I prefer to deactivate the live view mode, because I'm not a fan of using the info button to circle through too many different displays.

3) once you have hit the ok button and the SCP appears on the display, you can use the main wheel to circle between options and the subwheel to change a parameter. You can also use the touch screen to select the parameter you want to adjust. But you need to make the adjustment in the traditions way.

4) if I remember correctly, you have to activate the kind of displays you want separately for the VF and for the LCD.

4) by default, I don't think that you can modify an art mode or a scene mode, you have to activate that possibility in the cogwheel menu first and you can't change all the parameters. The parameters you can change depends of the filter chosen.

lolopasstrail wrote:

(Moved from Olympus SLR Forum at member suggestion)

Guys, could you please give me a pointer?

I trying to get the Super Control Panel (SCP) on the OM-D EM-5 the way the websites (including dpreview's suggested pages) indicate it should, but it's just not working that way.

I have SCP enabled for all modes, including PASM, Art, and Scene.

1) The guides indicate that all I need to do to bring up SCP while shooting with the LCD in Live View is to press the Info button until SCP appears. However, this doesn't work; I must first press the button to turn off live view. That is, I can't get to SCP in any mode without turning off Live View, meaning I can only see the scene through the viewfinder. Is this behavior correct, or am I missing an option?

2) If I try to program the arrow buttons to do anything else (eg, to control flash) I am no longer able to use them to navigate through SCP, rendering SCP essentially useless. That is, the up/down/left/right arrows can either have special program functions assigned to them, or they can be used to navigate through SCP, but not both. Is this behavior correct, or am I missing an option?

3) When I finally manage to bring up SCP in PASM modes (see #1 above), I cannot directly use the arrow buttons to navigate across topics until I first press the OK button. It seems all usefulness of the SCP is therefore locked unless I unlock it by first using the OK button. Is this behavior correct, or am I missing a setting?

4) When I bring up SCM in Art modes, I cannot press the OK button to unlock the SCP. Instead, if I press the OK button in Art mode, it just displays the particular art mode I am in, without ever unlocking the SCP. Consequently, the SCP remains locked when I am in art mode, and so I'm unable to use SCP.

I've gone through the manual, through websites, and can't figure it out.

Any suggestions for navigating through Olympus undocumented hell much appreciated

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