Canon 60D, Exposure question..

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Re: Canon 60D, Exposure question..

dwalby wrote:

This is explained in the manual, but in Av there are two possible flash modes. You select which one you want in the custom function settings. The mode you are in now meters for the ambient light, and uses the flash for fill flash. The shutter speed selected is the same as with no flash. The other option is to hold the shutter speed fixed at 1/200 regardless of ambient light, which usually makes the exposure dominated by the flash light. Step through your custom function settings and you should be able to find it.

And as others have said you can also shoot in M mode for flash and you control everything.

Your explanation very very helpful, I will try soon as I get home. It will better for me to use Av mode + 1/200 shutter speed + Auto ISO than M mode + Auto ISO (both with flash).

M mode + Certain ISO + flash is good but as I tried yesterday, sometime I find get miss exposure since the object (my kid) moves to different light area then have to change ISO and moments gone.
Wish this will works


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