Macro for butterflies: Nikon or Zeiss?

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Dean Baird
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Re: OP is having a gush ...and a tanty

Ant! Quick--—loosen your tin foil hat. It's cut off the circulation to your "brain." And you don't even need it to hover like Gollum over your collection of Zeiss preciouses. Nobody is going to take them from you.

You clearly think they're the best lenses made of glass while all other lenses made by anyone else are cr@p. Zeiss should send you a sticker.

Yes, I am a troll. As is anyone who doesn't gush over your preciouses.

I'd consider giving up the photography thing. But people keep giving me money to do it. So much so that I hope to own a Zeiss 15mm f/2.8 if they ever decide to actually manufacture such a lens.

Nikon people think I'm crazy not to go with their legendary 14-24mm. They think I'm a troll for even questioning its clear superiority to any UWA made by anyone ever. But I have my reasons.

Likewise, it looks like the Nikkor 105 macro is better suited to my needs than the Zeiss 100 f/2. Don't take it so bad. Save your tears for world hunger and social injustice.

If you want to shoot all Zeiss all the time, good for you. But learn a little balance and some social skills before you go gush/tanty on any post that falls short of full-throated worship of all things Zeiss.

Don't blame your teachers for your own shortcomings. I'm sure they did their best with you.

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