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Re: It should be about shutter speed, not ISO-YES

In real life you would need a higher iso setting to get the same shutter speed/aperture on the 1DX assuming the light was the same when IR took theses photos.

Example of REAL LIFE would be: lets say you were shooting an event and needed 1/1250 a sec at F8. Two shooters one with a D4 and one with a 1DX, the D4 shooter would use iso 6400@f8 and the 1DX shooter would use maybe around iso 10000@f8 so both cameras would get the shutter speed and aperture needed for the shot they were taking.

So comparing iso between these cameras really needs to be done when the shutter speeds are equal at same Fstop. and ignore what the camera says the iso is. Not sure iso 10000 would get the right shutter speed on 1DX I took a guess at what it might be, but it definitley would be higher than the 6400 on the D4 .

jeminijoseph wrote:

1DX - 6400 ISO is exposed at 1/800 @f/8
D4 - 6400 ISO exposed at 1/1250 @ f/8

1DX - 12800 exposed at 1/1600 @ f/8
D4 - 12800 exposed at 1/2500 @ f/8

Still D4 is brighter. I think D4 is at least .4 stop brighter (based on some other side by side comparison posted here too)

D4's ISO 6400 is measured at 4838 (almost half stop less than actual ISO)

Based on above readings 1D will be closer to 3200! That means ISO 6400 will be very close to ISO 3200. 12800 will be very close to ISO 6400.

I remember the 'worst' high ISO camera D2X had very accurate ISO rating (check DXOMark.com. Same with Canon 10D. I think D2X was not that bad for shutter speed

I think since people are going nuts about high ISO the manufacturers decided to cheat the customers by labeling wrong ISO. It's not just Canon, Nikon is doing the same too. But this time around Canon is worse.

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